Frequently Asked Questions

Remediation Assistance

For information regarding funds for the remediation of crumbling foundations please visit The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (CFSIC) is the administrator for the State of Connecticut's crumbling foundation remediation efforts. You can contact them directly at:

Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc.
c/o ESIS ProClaim
82 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 06070
Phone #: 844-763-1207

Currently, the Foundation Testing Reimbursement Program does not reimburse for a second visual exam that may be needed to assign a severity class as required by the Connecticut Foundations Solutions Insurance Company (CFSIC) to receive remediation assistance.

If your visual inspection was performed prior to January 10th, 2019, you may qualify for a review provided by CFSIC's pre-selected engineering firm at no cost to you. For more information please visit the CFSIC's "For Homeowners" page. The deadline for CFSIC's severity class rating program is April 30th, 2019.

General Questions

  • Homes on or after 1983 (according to municipal assessment records). Additions built on or after 1983 are also eligible. The homeowner must supply evidence of when the addition was built.
  • Home or addition is within a 20 mile radius of J.J. Mottes concrete Company in Stafford Springs, or homes that receive a waiver if they are outside the 20 mile radius.
  • Visual Inspections must have been conducted by a licensed Structural Engineer. Please see Testing Guidelines regarding what the visual inspection should include. Core tests do not have the structural engineer requirement.
  • A full report with photographs is submitted.

If you do not qualify based on the criteria above, you are still encouraged to apply. If the criteria changes in the future, the program will place you in line for reimbursement. Note, garages and out buildings are NOT eligible.

Fill out the online form. In addition to the form, you must submit:

  • Testing / visual inspection results (the report from the company or engineer. Please note, the report must contain pictures, if it does not, you must supply pictures).
  • Proof of home ownership (title deed, mortgage statement or tax bill).
  • Additional pictures or supporting information (if the report did not include pictures).
  • Receipt or other documentation of payment.
  • If your home was built before 1983, proof that the addition tested was built after 1983 (building permit, certificate of occupancy or other documentation that shows it was built during or after 1983).

Alternatively, you may mail a paper form with the same information as above. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope to CRCOG Foundation Testing, 241 Main Street, 4th Floor, Hartford, CT 06106 for the paper form.

CRCOG will process the applications on a monthly basis. Generally, applications received by the end of the month will be paid during the second or third week of the following month.

There are two separate testing programs. The first is the Crumbling Foundation Testing Program administered by CRCOG (via bonded funding of $5,000,000). This program is a reimbursement program for residents who have already paid for their core testing or visual inspection. The second program is a separate program via the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Small Cities, to which a number of towns have applied. The towns that have submitted or will submit applications for the CDBG testing program are as follows: Coventry, Tolland, Willington, Union, Ashford, Bolton, Columbia. For residents in these towns, and who have not yet done a core test and want to do a core test, these residents should contact their town for information about the CDBG testing program. For residents who have already performed their tests or are doing visual inspections, however, the only program open to them would be the CRCOG administered program.

No. According to House Bill No. 7060 (Public Act 17-177: individuals applying, participating or receiving assistance cannot be disclosed directly or indirectly. The records from this program will not be accessible to the public.

Questions about Homes

The towns of Andover, Ashford, Bolton, Chaplin, Coventry, East Windsor, Eastford, Ellington, Enfield, Hampton, Mansfield, Somers, Stafford, Tolland, Union, Vernon, Willington, and Woodstock are entirely inside the 20 mile radius.

The towns of Brooklyn, Canterbury, Columbia, East Hartford, Glastonbury, Hebron, Lebanon, Manchester, Pomfret, Putnam, Scotland, South Windsor, Suffield, Thompson, Windham, Windsor, and Windsor Locks are partially inside the 20 mile radius.

This information is available from your town records (many of which can be found online). CRCOG will verify with your town the date of when your home was built.

Yes. Condos and PUDs are eligible for reimbursement. The applicant must also provide the addresses of all other affected units. The application also must be filed by the owner of the foundation, whether that be an individual or condo association and submit written documentation providing proof of this (usually the declarations of the association will define this). Multiple units on the same foundation are not eligible for multiple reimbursements.

Any home addition that was built on or after 1983 is eligible for the testing reimbursement. The homeowner must provide adequate documentation verifying the date that the addition was built.

Attached garages are eligible. Detached garages and outbuildings are not eligible.

Yes. The Bond Commission has not made any distinction between single family homes vs. multi- family homes. Therefore, multi-family homes can be covered.

Homeowner Eligibility

Previous homeowners who had a foundation inspection may apply for the reimbursement. The applicant must show adequate proof of homeownership at the time of the test. Please note, this program is a first come first serve basis. If the previous or current homeowner has already applied for reimbursement for the same test, you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement.

Only if the new test conducted is a different one from the previous test. For example, if the previous owner was reimbursed for a visual inspection, you can be reimbursed for a core test, but not a visual inspection.

A copy of your tax bill, mortgage statement or other similar documentation.

Testing Questions

No, your house does not have to test positive to receive reimbursement.

This is a reimbursement program. Payment is not made until the test and results are submitted, assuming all other requirements are satisfied. CDBG Testing program conducted by a number of the towns, is a pre-approval direct pay program. You must apply to those programs prior to a testing being conducted. Additional information about the CDBG program can be found in our FAQ "What is the CDBG Testing Program and how is this different?"

Yes, you may submit for both. The home itself, however, is eligible only once for each type of testing. For example, if the previous homeowner has received reimbursement for a core test, you may not also receive reimbursement for another core test.

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